Automating Citrix Presentation Server installation

We just recently began upgrading our presenation server envrionment to CPS 4.5, and having quite a few servers to install we need a way to automate it. Currently we use some imaging software to clone the hard disk of a “gold” image, while this works for CPS 3.0 I have been warned about using the same process with 4.5. That and I really dont like the idea of imaging, its a hack that isnt necessary.

So I began looking for how to autoamte the installation – once the farm is setup it shoudl be a simple matter of passing some parameters on a command line to add a new server. Some quick googling turns up a blog by stealthpuppy that details everything I need (
I am in process of testing this now, and I expect that I can merge this script with other MSIExec options ( to automate the install of Presentation Server and all necessary patches

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