Enabling Dundas reports in VS2005

I often times create graphs for SCOM and other reporting needs, and have come to appreciate the cleanliness of the Dundas reporting widget included in SCOM. below are the steps needed to setup the tools, inspired by http://blogs.msdn.com/eugenebykov/archive/2007/11/20/enabling-enterprisemanagementchartcontrol-in-visual-studio-2005.aspx

  1. Copy the files MicrosoftRSChart.dll and MicrosoftRSChartDesigner.dll from the SCOM reporting server to %programfiles%Microsoft Visual Studio 8Common7IDEPrivateAssemblies
  2. Edit %programfiles%Microsoft Visual Studio 8Common7IDEPrivateAssembliesRSReportDesigner.config and enter the following in the Extensions section

  3. Type=”Dundas.ReportingServices.DundasChartDesigner,
    MicrosoftRSChartDesigner” />

    MicrosoftRSChart” />

    MicrosoftDundasRSChartDesigner” />
  4. Restart VS 2005
  5. Drag and drop MicrosoftRSChart.dll from the PrivateAssemblies directory onto the VS Toolbox and the new chart type will appear

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