Changing the graphs shown under the Perf tab in Zenoss

The default Windows class in Zenoss has several SNMP based performance graphs included. Since I (and most Windows admins) don’t use SNMP, I want to replace these with custom graphs built on WMI. I have already created my Performance Templates, and now I need to select them to be the default performance graphs.

  1. Browse to /Devices/Server/Windows and click the Templates tab
  2. Select Available Performance Templates | Bind Templates
  3. Select the template or templates to include and click OK

Now when you browse to a server and click the Perf tab, the graphs included in the template you chose will appear.

There is actually much more to what is happening here than defining what graphs appear where, but since this was my first question about the graphs, thats how I am stating it. More iformation about binding templates can be found at

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