Configuring email in Zenoss

Where would we be without email…. The world would slow to a crawl. So how do we configure Zenoss to send us emails?

Enable Emails

  1. In the web console, select Management | Settings
  2. On the Settings tab, enter the SMTP Host and FROM: addresses, click Save

Setting a user for email

  1. Click the Users tab and select the appropriate user
  2. Enter the Email addresses and click Save
  3. On the Alerting Rules tab, click Alerting Rules | Add Alerting Rule
  4. Enter a name for the rule and click OK
  5. Click the rule to open its settings
  6. Change the Delay from 0 seconds to 600 — this will force the alerts to age for 10 minutes before being sent
  7. Enable the rule and click Save

To test the emails are working

  1. Select Management | Settings and Users tab
  2. Next to the users email address, click TEST
  3. Validate the email is recieved

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