Removing inactive hosts from an EMC SAN

There is a moderate amount of churn in my FC fabric – new hosts being added/removed, new storage being added/removed, systems being moved between locations, etc… This results in Navisphere reporting the following errors
Server initiator (50:01:39:71:00:0F:91:1A:50:01:39:70:00:0F:91:1A) on Server (SAN1) no longer has an active connection to the storage system.

While this is a benign error, I dont like seeing it and I try to clean it up as much as possible. I found the following NaviSecCli command that cleans up all inactive HBAs from your SAN.
NaviSECCli.exe -user -password -scope 0 -h port -removehba -all

NOTE: This command should be used with caution as it removes all inactive HBAs. If you have a host down for maintenance (or just happens to be rebooting), it will remove the host from the SAN.

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