EMCWorld – 2 days down

Day 2 at EMCworld ended with a bang. Lots of great sessions and lots of fun. So far I have seen:

  • The future of consumer driven IT
    • Enterprise IT growing and being as nimble as consumer technology
  • Virtualized information world, where people no longer work on “documents” at “deskops” but work with information from anywhere
    • Imagine the portability of apps like facebook and twitter applied to LOB apps
  • Great advances in Avamar to backup and restore VMs
    • 6.0 includes block-level restoration processes
    • This could allow for an always on hot-site capable of near immediate fail-over
  • VPlex GEO
    • Enabling active/active datacenters and workload migratin across the country
  • Exchange BCDR practices and how to imporve them with RecoverPoint
  • Project Lightning – allowing FASTCache capabilities on individual servers
    • This could speed up large Databases, key LOB systems, and even VMware
    • This could also lessen the backend SAN requirements and allow lower cost disks
  • Advances in Oracle and ASM
    • Moving management of ASM volumes from the DBA to the storage admin
    • This allows the DBA to worry about the DB environment, and the storage admin to worry about the storage and performance
  • Database Cloud

Thats only the first few pages of notes! More to come soon

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