EMCWorld – First session down!

Think about Facebook – you can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, and any other web enabled device. This is true application as a service, wherever you are, whatever platform you are using, you can use Facebook. On many of these devices, you can install an app to use this software even easier.Now imagine the same thing in your corporate environment. My company has Windows, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and even a couple of Macs, way too complicated for a traditional Windows company. This is exactly what VMware End User Computing Vision 2015 – Virtual Workspaces in the Cloud targeted.
Instead of managing devices, we should be able to manage the users and the user data. By virtualizing the apps through different methods, the device being used shouldn’t matter. The end user can use their Office Suite or LOB app regardless of being at work, home, airport, or whichever device they want.
Seeing how the explosion of the app-store has taken over deployment of consumer applications, I can definitely see something similar for the corporate environment.

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