Site Resiliance

This may be old hat to some people, but I just came across my first definition of site resiliance, and the types of sites available

  • Production datacenter: This is where production workloads run normally. This can be a single datacenter, or multiple datacenters that can operate as a DR site for the others
  • Hot datacenter: This is a live environment which is pre-staged with the hardware and software configurations to handle a DR event. An example of this would be VMware’s site-failover features that can turn off low priority workloads in the DR site, and turn on high priority workloads. The main benefit here is that DR failover can be automatic, minimizing the RPO and RTO.
  • Warm datacenter: This is a smaller site dedicated to prividing DR services for select business critical functions. This is normally a federated model where multiple customers contract for resources.
  • Cold datacenter: This is an offline environment that is capable of providing DR services. Often times this consists of a contract from hardware suppliers to drop-ship emergency equipment to a remote location, which then must be used to rebuild and recover the production datacenter.

While this may not be the 100% answer, it atleast puts some industry standards behind the “DR Facility” question.

More definitions are avaialble at:

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