VCP5 – Install additional vCenter Server components

In addition to the vCenter Server, there are several additional components that can be installed. The good news is that all of these components are included in the VMware VIM Setup zip file.

  • vSphere Client
    • A Windows client used to connect to the vCenter server and stand-alone ESX hosts
    • Can be installed from the zip file, or downloaded by pointing a browser to the vCenter server
  • VMware vSphere Web Client
    • A web based version of the vSphere Client. Only provides a limited set of options
  • VMware vSphere Update Manager
    • Allows centralize patch and update management of all VMware components
  • VMware ESXi Dump Collector
    • Provides a centralized location for ESXi memory dumps in case of a system failure
  • VMware Syslog Collector
    • Provides a centralized logging service for ESXi servers
  • VMware Auto Deploy
    • Automates provisioning of ESXi hosts at boot time, requiring no disks in the ESXi servers
  • VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy
    • Enables ESXi hosts to join an AD domain without requiring AD credentials

Most of the setup for these components follows the traditional “next, next, next” installation process. Specific details can be found at

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