VCP5 – Configure DNS and Routing on an ESXi Host

Although this objective sounds complicated, its simpler than you think, and you may already have completed it without realizing. This objective basically means, setting the default gateway, and DNS servers/suffixes – a step most likely completed during installation

Configuring DNS and Routing via DCUI

  1. Log into the DCUI and select Configure Management Network
  2. Select IP Configuration and enter the Default Gateway
    1. NOTE: If you are using DHCP to assign the address, the Gateway should be assigned via DHCP as well
  3. Select DNS Configuration to configure the DNS servers and local hostname
  4. Select Custom DNS Suffixes to customize the FQDN
Configuring DNS and Routing via Virtual Center
  1. Open the Virtual Center and browse to Hosts and Clusters
  2. Select the ESXi host
  3. Select the Configuration tab and Software | DNS and Routing
  4. Click Properties to configure the name, DNS servers, FQDN, and default gateway

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