VCP5 – Identify upgrade requirements for ESXi hosts

ESXi 5 upgrade requirements are above and beyond the standard ESXi installation requirements – they determine the state the ESX host must be in prior to upgrade.

Minimum ESX version: 4.0 ESX or ESXi

  • An ESX 3 host can be upgraded to 4, and then upgraded to 5
Supported ESX upgrade path tools:
  • vSphere Update Manager
  • Interactive upgrade via DVD
  • Scripted upgrade
Non-supported configurations:
  • ESX 4 host with an incompatible disk partition
    • Often result from ESX 3 host upgraded to ESX 4
  • ESX 4 host with missing, inaccessible, or corrupt Service Console VMDK

NOTE: By definition, “upgrade” refers to updating the current system. Pay note that this is different than a new install, such as using vSphere Auto Deploy.

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