Restoring from an alternate library in CommVault

CommVault is a great product that allows you to perform backups at a primary location, and then send a deduplicated copy to a DR location for recovery. But what if you need to perform a test recovery at the DR location, how do you tell the restore which library to restore from?

Step 1: Identify the number of the copy

Your basic setup should include a Storage Policy with 2 copies, a primary and a (at least 1) secondary. The secondary is updated either on schedule or on demand.
To view the copy number

  • Browse to Policies | Storage Policies
  • Right-click your policy and select Properties
  • On the Copy Precedence tab, note the Precedence number associated with the target Copy Name

Step 2: Browse for backup data

  • Browse to Client Computers | | |
  • Right-click the subclient and select Browse Backup Data
  • Specify a time frame if needed
  • Change Use MediaAgent to the MA in the DR location
  • Click Advanced
  • On the Advanced Browse Options, change the Copy Precedence to the precedence number previously identified
  • Click OK, OK

Finish your restore as normal

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