Using CommVault 1-touch restore

I have been attempting on and off for a few weeks to get CommVault’s “Virtualize Me” feature working in my environment. My environment is a little unique in the fact that the DR VMware systems are isolated from the CommServe. Because the CommServe needs access to Virtual Center to use Virtualize Me, there is a problem. We looked at differnt options such as moving servers and creating static NAT rules, but none of them were very flexible or secure.

A little searching and I found a great post about CommVault 1-Touch. Virtualize Me is essentially 1-Touch, but automated for VMware deployments. The benefit of 1-Touch is that it is used to restore to any system, not just VMware.

To use 1-Touch you have to pre-create and configure the VM hardware (CPU, RAM, disk, network, etc…) Then boot to the ISO and walk through the setup process..

Step-by-step recovery processes can be found at

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