Having fun with kids in La Ceiba

Jana and I decided was that in order to learn Spanish faster, is to be involved in a local activity. We started by volunteering at the local church on Sundays. We get to help with the 7-10 year olds during the 4pm service, then attend the 6pm Service ourselves.
Additionally, we volunteered at an orphanage in the afternoon. We aren’t quite sure how the orphanage works, but it looks like it is a school/daycare for single moms and foster parents. The kids are younger than we expected (2-5 years old) but we are having fun playing with them. Unfortunately, they all seem to want piggy back rides, and they all want them at the same time.

We keep laughing everytime we go into stores because they are all preparing for Christmas already. Its not even Halloween, and they were erecting a giant tree in the mall on Friday.

Otherwise we are enjoying ourselves. Staying safe and healthy.

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