Week 3 and still going strong

Jana and I are still enjoying everything here in Honduras. 3 weeks of Spanish classes and we are learning a lot. We may not be fully fluent by February, but we will be ready for the classrooms. I just hope our future students don’t try to ‘teach’ us new words…

This past week has been on and off rain. Its interesting how quickly the clouds roll in and then downpour. Then, it stops raining just as quickly.

So far we have been enjoying the city of La Ceiba. We have made a few trips into the street market (quite interesting) and actually haggled with the vendors. We have also made a few trips to the beach, it was bright and sunny and no one around.
When we are near the beach we found a great restaurant named Pupuseria Universitaria. They make really great pupusas that have quickly become our favorites

Jana is making friends with every little girl around. First was Genesis (pronounced like Henesy), the grand daughter of Maria. Then there was a girl at the beach, and everywhere she goes.

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