Starting December

Its been a bit since I had the opportunity to write on the blog, so I will try and get things caught up here. The weather here in La Ceiba has been quite dynamic. For example, in Seattle, it can be sunny for 5 minutes, then rain for 5 minutes, then sunny again. Its similar here in La Ceiba, except it goes from the mid 80’s and sunny to torrential downpour.
Because of the climate, everyone in the city has been sick. The flu hit both of us, but Jana more heavily than me.

We have been enjoying our Spanish classes. We are both feeling more confident in our conversations with others (I am sure I’m getting half the conjugations wrong) and speaking is starting to feel more natural. In fact, we have gotten to the point yesterday that we weren’t sure if we were talking in English or Spanish.

I had the opportunity to go to Cayos Cuchinos a few weeks ago. Jana had already been and wasn’t up to going again. The group went snorkeling along a reef and I got lots of great pictures, I even got a close-up of a barracuda. After snorkeling, we walked through the forest and saw a Pink Boa. I got brave and got close enough to touch it, but then it started curling up to strike and I backed off.
Probably the most interesting part of the trip was the boat ride back. A cold front was coming in, so the swells were quite large and a lot of spray was coming in. The guides passed out the snorkels so we could actually see what was going on.

All in all, we are enjoying life here. We are looking forward to Christmas with our host family in La Ceiba and then off to Tegucigalpa in January.

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