First week of classes

This was our first week of classes in Honduras. The last 4 months have been a whirlwind of learning Spanish, and feeling totally inadequate. Surprisingly however, both Jana and I are doing great with it, and the kids have been forgiving so far.

I am teaching math and computers an Jana is teaching English. Right now we are only teaching the high schoolers, but that will change next quarter and we will gt to send some time with the younger kids. 

For my part, I still consider everything we are able to do here a miracle. This school is just across the street from the city dump, where you often get headaches from all of the burning garbage, and yet thrives. I don’t imagine the students could be any more loving as they literally throw themselves at you to get a hug.

One of the other teachers had mentioned the other day that these kids are heroes. I thought about it for a bit and realized he is right. If the average person in the dump is making between 1 and 2 dollars a day, then that means these kids probably didn’t eat breakfast, and may not have had dinner the night before, yet they still come to school. And instead of working in the dump searching for recyclables to sell, they are investing in a future to help themselves and their entire family.

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