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I often see word clouds online or in marketing, and I am always jealous about how great they look. Well, a little googling the other day and I found this link that included several online generators that make creating of these clouds quick and easy. These tools seem to fall into 2 categories: basic generators that create a block of text, and advanced generators that generate text in different shapes.

For my purpose, the second option is what I wanted. Specifically, I am looking to create a word cloud containing the fruit of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23) in a heart or other form. For this task, 3 of the sites met my requirements:

  • – By far this is the easiest site to use and is very intuitive. The only hard part here is realizing that you need to click Resize and More in order to save the word cloud image. The only drawback to this page is that it can only generate a cloud from a list that you provide, as opposed to directing to a web page
  • – This site has a great balance between easy to use and powerful. This app can use a web page, twitter feed, RSS feed, or manual list to create the word cloud. The more advanced tools are not as intuitive to access, but are available if you look for them
  • – This site appears to be the most powerful and useful site. This site requires you to create a login to use the tool, but its a quick and painless sign up. This site has the added benefit of being able to export your image in multiple sizes, as well as in SVG format for publishing.
This image below was created in using my list of fruits of the spirit (further below)

Fruits of the spirit (english and spanish):

alegría control humildad modesty
amabilidad disposición humility paciencia
amables dominio joy patience
amor faith kindness paz
autocontrol faithfulness lealtad peace
benevolence fe longanimidad self-control
benevolencia fidelidad longanimity suavidad
benignidad fidelity longsuffering sufrido
benignity forbearance love temperance
bien generosidad loyalty templanza
bondad generosity mansedumbre tolerance
caridad gentileza meekness tolerancia
charity gentleness mildness willingness
compasión goodness modestia hope
compassion gozo

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